mISSION Statement

Provide excellent and diversified supports and be

the number one provider of choice in our area.

The mission of Fairhaven Industries, Inc. is to provide excellent services while keeping all program options available while also expanding options to reach every potential individual in our program. We believe the person-centered, free thinking planning should be the first step in providing excellent services and developing new and exciting programs and jobs.

Fairhaven Industries, Inc. will focus on team first, positive training where all employees are considered team members and will work together to foster a strategic plan that will take us into the future of providing a vast array of services.

Fairhaven Industries, Inc. main mission is to assist the individuals who choose our program to reach their dreams and goals on an individual basis while fostering relationships inside and outside the workplace. We want to offer careers and programs that are tailored to each individual's personal goals.

Vision Statement